Justice swoops down from on high, snatches truck blocking EV chargers

It’s hard to understand what the driver of an internal combustion vehicle is thinking when he — and maybe it’s sexist, but let’s assume this is the work of a he — purposely blocks access to an EV charger. Like, what, you’re angry that EVs exist? You’re angry that they take up space? It’s a primo spot, so you’re angry about them taking up that particular space? Because your rig (this maneuver, called ICEing, is often done by truck owners) is a tight fit for many parking spaces, are you mad an accommodation gets made for EVs but not for you? What is it about a particular powertrain that brings out the jerk in you? 

The appropriate German word might be Arschloch (look it up). And the appropriate antidote is towing. But this Ford Raptor owner in Berlin got an extra special treatment from the tow truck driver, in which his Raptor was hoisted out of the spot by crane before it was dragged off by flatbed to an impound lot. Apparently the tow trucks over there have this cherry-picking ability and can pluck an offender out of a tight spot.

That’s about all we know of the incident, which happened over the weekend and was spotted by Ford Authority. And that’s about all we need to know, other than to take it as a reminder: Don’t be this way, people. Mostly, the photo of the Raptor being spirited away is kind of fun and was worth sharing. 

Justice swoops down from on high snatches truck blocking EV


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