Kleenspeed KAR GT electric car ready and waiting

Okay, so it’s a little slower than the
Tesla Model S vehicles being produced on the other side of the Bay, but still.
KleenSpeed Technologies is testing a prototype of its smaller (and slower) KAR GT
electric vehicle in and around Mountain View, CA, south of San Francisco,
Autoweek reports. The company will also show the car off at the
San Francisco International Auto Show starting next week.

Ultimately, the vehicle may be priced at less than $10,000, not including a
battery that would be
leased for about $175 a month. Of course, that depends on KleenSpeed finding a development partner, though Silicon Valley is not a bad place to look around for one. KleenSpeed, which also makes vehicles ranging from
electric scooters to battery-powered Mazda Miatas,
said about a year ago that it would start developing the KAR, and that the EV would have a single-charge range of about 150 miles and would deliver as much as 134 horsepower.

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