LaFerrari racing prototype spotted in Southern Europe

Rumors have been
circulating for a few months now that
Ferrari could be gearing up to challenge for outright victory at
Le Mans once again with an
LMP1 racer of its own. First the head of the sports racing division hinted at the prospect, then the head of the
Formula One team lent it more credence, and most recently, the chairman of the company itself confirmed the possibility. We’ve even heard some
rumors over who could drive the thing. But what we haven’t seen yet is any solid proof that the Prancing Horse marque has actually been working on such a racecar.

That could be what we’re looking at it here, but then again, it might not be. Spied undergoing testing in Southern Europe, this camouflaged test mule appears to be based on the new
supercar, but with some key modifications that indicate this isn’t the road-going version. The revised aero is a dead giveaway, with that giant front splitter jutting out like a swollen lip and a massive rear wing protruding from the back. The headlights are different, it’s got center-lock wheels fitted at each corner and there’s a big snorkel air scoop protruding from the engine bay.

What’s clear is that this is test mule has definitely been set up for the race track. The only question is, to what end? Even with all the add-ons, it’s still nowhere near as extreme as the purpose-built prototypes that
Toyota and
Porsche will be fielding in the
FIA World Endurance Championship this year, and it’s missing key features like the mandatory center tailfin. It could be a platform for testing components to use on an upcoming LMP1, but if not for the aforementioned
Le Mans rumors, our money would have been on something else – be it a GT racing version of
LaFerrari like
Maserati did with the
MC12, or a customer track toy to follow in the footsteps of the (also Enzo-based)
FXX and the
599XX that followed.

We suppose we’ll find out soon enough, but one thing’s for sure:
Ferrari isn’t working on this just for the heck of it, so expect something wicked this way to come within the next year or two.

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