Land Rover introduces rooftop tent for Defender 110

The new Land Rover Defender is officially here. It’s on sale and ready for pretty much any kind of an adventure you want to throw its way. But what’s an adventure without a rooftop tent? We kid, but bringing your bed along for the ride on top of your car has its benefits. That’s why Land Rover and Autohome have developed a bespoke rooftop tent together for the new Defender.

This tent was designed specifically for this model, and it even has Land Rover badging on it. A lightweight fiberglass shell protects it on the outside, and opening it looks easy. Land Rover says there’s one fastening at the rear, and once that’s undone, a light pull upwards is enough for the gas struts to take over and fully open up. It’s rated for two adults on top, so the kids in these photos must be stuck on the ground or in the cargo area. 

Those who are sleeping up top will find a full-size “luxury cotton mattress” and pillows. There’s also an interior LED light and a stowage net. You can get in and out of the tent from either side of the vehicle — the whole kit comes with an aluminum access ladder that’s designed for the climb up, and it can be stowed in the aforementioned stowage net inside the tent. When fully opened, the tent measures 7.5 feet long, 4.3 feet wide and 4.9 feet high. Of course, it fully closes into an aerodynamic shape atop the vehicle when it’s not needed.

To mount the tent, you’ll need the official Land Rover Expedition Roof Rack and Roof Rails option, and it’ll need to be a Defender 110 — no news on the Defender 90 right now. The tent costs €3,082, which equals $3,468 when converted. Availability hasn’t been announced for the U.S. quite yet, but we imagine American buyers will be able to get their hands on this tent soon.

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