Latest flying-car idea: Drone swoops in, snatches passenger pod

One of the old jokes about living in the future – 2017 still sounds like a futuristic date – is that no flying cars can be seen roaming our skyways, despite them being a sci-fi movie staple. Still, every now and then concepts emerge, with the idea of turning personal flight into something as everyday as driving a

One of the core questions is whether every
Joe Camry Driver could be entrusted with the keys to a flying vehicle, and the
rumored ItalDesign/Airbus collaboration, reportedly slated for a
Geneva Motor Show reveal, could be a working solution for that.

According to Automotive News‘ reporting, the concept would be two-stage. In everyday use, the vehicle would be autonomous, consisting of a detachable cabin capsule mounted atop a chassis. In rush-hour traffic, a separate flying drone would locate the vehicle, hoist it up and fly it to the intended destination. Presumably, the chassis would also find its way to the destination later, unless they are designed to be discardable or shared between vehicle users.

This project is unrelated to
another concept Airbus is working on, one of a handful of companies with actual flight experience that are exploring flying cars.

No Italdesign or Airbus comments have been available regarding the matter, but the concept sounds so futuristic and fascinating, any updates will be interesting to hear.

The logo seen above is Italdesign’s new ultra-low-production series logo. Italdesign Automobili Speciali is a product line aimed at collectors, and it too will be presented at the Geneva show. «We stated in 2016 that we do have the competences in styling, development and production of street-legal ultra low series cars. Today, one year later, we are delivering the first running testimonial,» says Italdesign CEO Jörg Astalosch. «This part of our business has been now integrated into our existing service portfolio. This is styling, engineering, prototyping for small and high volume production vehicles, especially also as a turnkey competence.»

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