Lego unveils a full-size Toyota Supra replica in Japan

By now, you’re probably well aware that just about any shape, no matter how complicated or curvy, can be replicated with Lego bricks, assuming its builders have enough time, access to the correct building blocks and, of course, skill to complete the build. The latest proof point is the bright yellow Toyota Supra you see above, parked next to a near replica assembled from Lego bricks. The real car is a 35th Anniversary Special Edition that just debuted for the Japanese market. The replica is officially called (not so imaginatively) «Lego Toyota GR Supra full-scale replica.» Maybe that sounds cooler in Japanese.

It reportedly took 477,303 individual Lego bricks to assemble this replica. It weighs more than 4,150 pounds, which is a whole heck of a lot more than the real version’s 3,615-pound curb weight. The interior is mostly fashioned out of bricks, too, minus the driver’s seat (that’d be rather uncomfortable otherwise) and steering wheel. We’d hope the pedals are automotive pieces too, considering how painful it would be to constantly step on the sharp edges of Lego bricks. And pedals are necessary, considering the fact that this thing actually does move under its own power at speeds up to 17 miles per hour thanks to an electric motor.

Visitors to Legoland Japan can see the two machines starting today through October 11. After that, Toyota’s Gazoo Racing will trot the pair around various locations of the Super GT racing league.

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