Lexus LFA Carbon Fiber Loom In Action

Lexus LFA carbon fiber loom

Lexus LFA carbon fiber loom

In the latest episode of the Lexus ‘The Hard Way’ promo, a series that details the intricacies involved in manufacturing Lexus vehicles, the automaker shows off its advanced mechanical loom that’s used in creating carbon fiber pieces for its LFA supercar.

Using a similar process involved in creating components for Toyota’s F1 race cars, the LFA’s loom can weave three-dimensional shapes such as a steering wheel or A-pillar fully out of carbon fiber. Lexus engineers deemed this vital in their pursuit to create a lighter yet stronger carbon fiber material.

Importantly, the loom will eventually be used to create components for other Lexus models, helping to bring their weight down and in turn improve performance. Lexus was initially hesitant to show off its technology because of fear of competition but thankfully they did so enjoy the video below.

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