Lexus LS 650 TMG prototype headed for Essen

If the newly improved
2013 Lexus LS is aimed at taking on the
Mercedes-Benz S-Class, then it sounds like
Lexus might have a new model in mind to take on the monstrous
S65 AMG.
Motor Authority has images of what it claims to be a wind tunnel prototype for a souped-up LS
we first saw testing on the
Nürburgring a couple years ago. We already knew this car was being developed by
Toyota Motorsport GmbH (TMG) which could become a
factory tuner arm for Toyota like
AMG, and the report says that the car will make its debut at the
Essen Motor Show in December.

The car that will be called the TMG
Lexus LS 650, but for now, it’s only a «feasibility study» designed to gauge interest from customers and the media. We were already interested looking at the widebody version of the LS with massive front air intakes and hood vents, but the article in
Motor Authority got our ears perked up a little more with vehicle specs that include a twin-turbocharged 5.0-liter V8 laying down more than 600 horsepower giving the big bruiser a top speed near 200 miles per hour.

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