Lordstown Motors Endurance race truck hits the dirt in reveal video

A couple of months ago, Lordstown Motors gave us a glimpse at the racing version of the Endurance pickup truck with a rendering. Now we get to see the real thing in a reveal video. Not only that, it’s shown roaming in the desert. That’s a good thing, since its first race is this weekend.

The company hasn’t given any specifics yet about what has been done to the truck for racing purposes. We can tell that it has a beefed up suspension, though, with new springs, shocks and what seems to be a new and probably stronger steering setup. It also appears to have new control arms that are probably stronger and provide more suspension travel. And of course the interior is caged, bumper protection added and big off-road tires on racing wheels fitted. The four hub motors still seem to be around, though, as you can see the orange high-voltage cables attached inside the wheels.

The truck will enter its first race, the San Felipe 250, on Saturday, April 17. It will be the first electric vehicle to enter the Mexican off-road race. We’re curious to see how it does, especially since the Endurance’s stock range isn’t quite large enough to make the whole distance, so some recharging or some other solution will be necessary.

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