LPG-powered Mustang GT cranks out 300hp

The Ford Mustang is many things to many people, but rarely is it considered an efficient or ‘green’ vehicle. A German LPG advocacy group and tuning shop Rollin on Chrome have come together to change that perception, however, producing a 300hp (228kW) LPG-fueled custom Mustang GT, which joins the growing ranks of alternative-fueled vehicles that are seeking to clean up transport.

Sporting massive 22″ wheels and a ‘3D Carbon’ body kit, the car looks anything but green, and with 300hp (228kW) it should be several orders of magnitude more fun to drive than a typical environmentally-friendly car. But since it burns LPG, it produces about 20% less carbon dioxide than petrol, and about 95% less nitric oxides (NOx) than a typical diesel. LPG advocates also hype the secondary effects of the fuel in helping to prevent pollution – since it’s a gas, spills will evaporate rather than leeching into the ground or water supply.

Biofuels, LPG and other alternative fuels have been gaining increasing popularity as oil and fuel prices climb skyward. Some worry that a price drop in oil may drive a resurgence in traditional fossil fuel use, but cars like this Mustang sponsored by Green Autogas and the BioConcept Mustang GT RTD – a biofuel racecar – prove that power and fun can still be had without traditional fuels.
Via: Autoblog.nl

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