McLaren P1 program director gives an aero walkaround

Evo magazine recently got
McLaren P1 program director Paul Mackenzie to reveal some of the aerodynamic and materials details that help make his new hybrid
supercar so stupendous. The walkaround makes sense of the numerous intersecting lines and angles on the P1, like the main intakes placed inside the doors, the vents just ahead of the front wheels that were added later in road testing to get more cooling to the radiators, the vents on the rear to cool the clutches and the titanium-mesh chimney behind the roof intake.

Mackenzie also talks about the Race setting that lowers the whole car 50 millimeters – below the minimum height of road legality in the UK, in fact – and how the raised rear wing automatically changes pitch to reduce drag when you take the coupe above 160 mph. This is what you get when you sit aerodynamicists, engineers and designers in the same room to shrink-wrap a street-legal body around a 900-horsepower chassis. You can find out more about it in the video

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