Mercedes AMG Vision Gran Turismo to see life as rebodied SLS?

Most of the cars created exclusively for the
Gran Turismo video game franchise never make the jump from cyberspace to the real world. The
X1 and new
X2014 designed by
Red Bull’s Adrian Newey could scarcely be piloted in real life, and while
PSA talked about making a limited run of the otherworldly
GTbyCitroën, that never came to be. But the
Mercedes AMG Vision Gran Turismo could get such a chance – just not from
Mercedes-Benz itself.

J&S World Wide Holdings, an independent Florida outfit led by one Jeff Halverson, was so taken with the static show car
displayed at the
LA Auto Show that it’s committed to building five customer examples. The team plans to use the
SLS AMG GT as its base, rebodying it in
carbon fiber to resemble the machine in the game.

The 6.3-liter V8 will apparently remain unchanged, with its 583 horsepower driving the rear wheels through a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission, but with 200 pounds shed off the curb weight thanks to the carbon bodywork, could prove to be even faster. The bodywork will get a custom chrome finish, with a retractable rear spoiler, model-specific exhaust and ADV.1 forged alloys. The interior will be customizable to the buyer’s tastes, too.

One is earmarked for the US, two for the Middle East and two for Europe. But given the $1.5 million asking price, we have a feeling its creators will be glad to sell them wherever the orders come from.

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