Mercedes-Benz EQA spied with hardly any camouflage

The Mercedes-Benz EQA’s official reveal is surely just around the corner, but one of our spy shooters just caught a pair of them driving around with hardly any camouflage. Last we glimpsed Mercedes’ electric version of the GLA, both the front and rear were completely shrouded in blue wrapping. Today, there’s hardly any left.

What we knew all along is still true: The EQA is basically going to look like the GLA, but with a few changes to indicate its electric powertrain. The white car’s lower front fascia looks hardly changed versus the regular GLA, though the blue one appears to have a different lower vent intake with thin, horizontal slats. The same can be said for its front bumper side intakes. Where the blue car has the same slat design, the white EQA has an identical design to the standard GLA with its larger strakes. Expect the covered grille to be a solid, shield-like piece, possibly with blue accents.

Mercedes Benz EQA spied with hardly any camouflage

We should see even more differentiation between the EQA and GLA out back. It’s covered by the camouflage, but Mercedes could be going for a full-width rear taillight in an effort to make the EQA visually different. That’d make it similar to the EQC and tie in with the EQ family look — we already know the EQS is getting the full -width taillight treatment. The rear bumper is also missing its dual exhaust cutouts. We can see some minor venting on the white EQA and silver trim on the blue one as decoration. Beyond these elements, it all looks very similar to a standard GLA.

Mercedes hasn’t revealed any specs on the EQA yet, so we’re still in dark on range and power. The official reveal was meant to happen in 2020, but rumors suggest Covid-19 pushed its launch back to 2021. At the model’s current state of camouflage dress, we suspect it’ll be revealed any day now.

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