Mini laps the ‘Ring on two wheels

Doing a side wheelie must be the en vogue automotive stunt of the moment. Recently, we saw the fastest speed for a car driven on two wheels set by a Finnish stunt driver in a BMW 330d. Now we have a Chinese stunt driver setting a Mini on two wheels, and driving a complete lap of the Nürburgring.

To get around the Green Hell, driver Han Yue needed 45 minutes. That’s a fair bit slower than the recent time set by the new Camaro ZL1. To be fair, that Chevy had the advantages of driving on all four wheels and running with bit more power. Yue needed a specially prepped Cooper for his efforts. According to Autoblog, the Mini used for this run had a welded diff and a special airless left front tire. 

The entire run was captured via a live stream. It’s now available for your viewing pleasure. Oddly enough, it’s the most serene ‘Ring video you’re likely to watch. There’s not a lot of engine noise and we see no crashes. It’s just an idyllic trip through a famed German roadway in an English-by-way-of-Germany car.

One of the highlights of the video? When Yue drives on the outside of the Karussell around the 28:17 mark. Check it out for yourself.


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