Montana driver fails spectacularly at exiting car wash

Second only to the dashcam video, the internet’s greatest gifts to mankind in
general and gearheads in particular, is the automotive fail video. The sheer schadenfreude experienced by watching fellow motorists do stupid things with or to their cars has brought delight to many.

The latest of these gems comes to us from Montana, and it’s, well, it sure is something. Recorded by a
car wash surveillance camera somewhere in the Big
Sky Country, the video shows us a day in the life of the world’s most apocalyptically stupid driver.

The video starts innocently enough, with a white
Toyota Sienna creeping slowly out of a car wash after a thorough scrubbing. Things escalate quickly from there, however. After getting clear of the car wash, the driver attempts to make a hard left turn to follow the exit lane. Instead of a slow, smooth left-hander, the gets all the way into the accelerator for some reason. In a near textbook perfect illustration of understeer, the van charges forward, casts its hubcaps to the wind, and careens off the edge of a drop of about ten or so feet into the street below. There it demolishes a fire hydrant, rolls on to its roof, and slides into the street where it comes to rest in traffic.

How this entire sequence of events happened is anyone’s guess. Was the driver distracted? Asleep? Did a spider suddenly appear in the cabin? Did they experience a psychotic episode? Who can say? It’s certainly not an isolated problem, though. In September,
this Michigan motorist lost it in a Meijer parking lot, and way back in August
this lady demolished four brand new Benzes in six seconds in a
dealership parking lot.

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