More news for you! | Letter from the Editor

The motto of our parent company, AOL (soon to be Oath), is «Build Brands People Love.» At Autoblog, we take that motto to heart. And while our redesign moved Autoblog forward in a number of ways, it’s safe to say we went too far away from displaying the daily news so many of our readers rely on.

Many of you, and probably most of the people reading this post, wanted news at the top of the page, with easy access to all the latest stories. So today, we’re rolling out the latest update to the site. News is back at the top.

So you’ll notice a big news module right below our feature section, with eight of the latest stories. Click on the arrow to the right, and you’ll get eight more. As before, you can also find a straight-up old-school news feed here. And if you do keep scrolling, we’ve got all kinds of features you should check out, from highlights of specific sections like videos and Autoblog Green to all of the vast shopping and ownership tools we offer.

As I’ve mentioned in other posts, we’re listening and we do read the letters (even if we’re a bit behind on replying to some of them). So first, we really hope you like this latest update. And second, keep the feedback coming either in the comments below or in our feedback form.

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