More pictures of the 2013 Audi A3 say hello to the Internet

The 2013
Audi A3 will be rolling into the
Geneva Motor Show next month, but first it went to Russia to get leaked all over the Internet. We saw
one angle of it a few days ago, and now we see more of what looks to be a very handsome car. The move to the new MQB platform hasn’t altered anything drastically, but revisions in the hatchback’s details have made for a more concentrated bearing, with very
A1-like appearance.

The interior is practically a throwback to the original
Audi TT, with a cleaned-up, minimalist IP sporting a screen atop the dash, the expanse below broken up only by two round vents and HVAC controls below.

The three-door is expected to be followed by variants that include a convertible, five-door and sedan. According to
Google’s translation of Russian, engine options will include TSFI engines with 122 and 180 horsepower and a six-speed manual transmission alongside a seven-speed dual-clutch option.

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