Naomi Campbell Enjoys Some Pumping Now And Then

Lotus Evora Naomi Haiti

Lotus Evora Naomi Haiti

Yes, that’s Naomi Campbell, in the photo found at the link below.

Yes, she’s wearing a knee-length fur vest.

No, we don’t know anyone who would actually buy a knee-length fur vest, though it might be of interest to wealthy amputees.

No, we don’t know what it’s made from, but it’s likely real mink, real ermine, or real personal assistant.

Yes, she’s wearing some kind of swimsuit contraption underneath, which is only appropriate, given the 90-degree weather.

Yes, she’s actually touching a gas pump.

Yes, it’s a real gas pump, located at a real gas station in the real Meatpacking District.

Yes, that appears to be a Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren parked on the other side of said pump, which probably isn’t a simple coincidence.

Yes, we imagine that when the shoot is over, Naomi will demand both the fur and the car, though she may have to do some pumping of her own to make that happen.


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