New John DeLorean film aims to detail the rise and fall of an automotive visionary

John DeLorean might be the man responsible for what’s widely considered the first muscle car, the Pontiac GTO, but it’s the DeLorean Motor Company that defined the engineer. A new dramatized documentary aims to tell the story of the success and troubles that plagued the man who tried to redefine the automobile industry.

«Framing John DeLorean» will be released June 7 with Alec Baldwin starring as DeLorean. The film includes interviews from DeLorean’s children, footage of DeLorean during his prime era, and the directed film itself with Baldwin portraying the engineer and businessman.

DMC was born in 1973 as DeLorean set out to build a sports coupe to rival the world’s best. The DMC-12 featured a lightweight stainless steel body, a Lotus suspension, and an engine from Peugeot, Renault, and Lotus. Aside from some marvelous engineering, DMC and its sole car quickly went sour.

DeLorean DMC-12

DeLorean DMC-12

Without enough money to keep the company afloat, DeLorean sought out private investment ahead of a possible IPO. Before any of that happened, the FBI charged DeLorean with cocaine trafficking after a videotaped sting operation seemingly revealed that DeLorean was interested in selling the drug to keep his company afloat. The FBI alleged DeLorean was attempting to finance a drug trafficking ring to provide funding for his new company. The first DMC-12s reached market in 1980, but by 1981, production halted after DeLorean’s arrest. A jury eventually found him not guilty, but DMC and everything DeLorean helped build was gone.

The film should provide a pretty dramatic look into DeLorean’s personal life and how DMC came to life, and ultimately, failed. To this day, DMC retains a loyal following for the quirky and wedgy car it produced. A Texas company also announced plans in 2016 to build a batch of 300 replica cars made from spare factory parts. Essentially, they’re new DMC-12 models.

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