New Maybach Guard Armored Car Revealed

2011 Maybach Guard

2011 Maybach Guard

There’s a strong chance that if you can afford to buy a Maybach then you may need the protection of an armored car, whether it be for your own personal safety or your family’s. Thankfully, Daimler’s armored car division, simply named Guard and based in Sindelfingen, Germany, has worked over the big Maybach sedan and developed this latest model.

The new Maybach Guard is based on the long-wheelbase Maybach 62 sedan and was developed in response to the needs of businessmen and heads of state around the world.

The protection offered by the armored car is absolutely peerless–even to a specialist eye it is almost impossible to distinguish a Maybach Guard from the regular Maybach model on which it’s based. Furthermore, the Maybach Guard is the only armored car in the world able to reach a top speed of 155 mph, and it can accelerate from 0-62 mph in a sports car like 5.7 seconds.

It features a special armor made of highly specialized steel and high-tech Kevlar, which is integrated into the body shell. To guarantee effectiveness the armor is certified by independent state bodies which carry out on-the-spot quality control checks and can immediately revoke their certification.

Despite its strength, the armor material is relatively light, which means the overall weight of the Maybach Guard is only about 895 pounds over the Maybach 62 sedan. In fact, since the base of the Maybach Guard was already de-signed for the extra weight of the vehicle, no changes have been made to the drivetrain, suspension or breaking system.

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