Next generation Corolla set for Helsinki Motor Show

Toyota has already launched its new Corolla for the Japanese domestic market, but the European version of everyone’s favorite car/appliance will make its premiere at Helsinki Motor Show at the end of this month. The car will be offered in sedan versions initially, but will arrive in hatch and wagon body styles as well.

The all-new Corolla will be distinctive and different to its Japanese counterpart, and features a high-roofed interior with quality materials throughout. Toshi Ezaki, the Corolla’s chief engineer, says he wants the all-new Corolla to give drivers more “excitement and delight”. To achieve this, the car will be offered with four different drivetrains, two diesel and two gasoline powerplants combined with a total of three different transmission choices. As for delightfulness, we’ll have to see it to believe it.

Toyota is also expected to launch a vehicle based on its Auris concept, which will be positioned as an upmarket version of the Corolla. The car will sold alongside as a premium small hatch and is supposedly built off a unique platform. Sales should start in the spring of 2007.

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