Next VW GTI to get 10-speed dual-clutch gearbox

Following on
Volkswagen’s official announcement that it was working on a ten-speed, dual-clutch transmission,
Auto Express has it on «good authority» that the new transmission will end up in the next
GTI, GTD and
Golf R. The brand’s current seven-speed will be retained for lesser eight-generation

While the new gearbox won’t be limited to just the higher-end
Golf range,
the new hatchback, expected in 2017, will be the first to get it,
Auto Express reports. The new DSG is the same size as the
Volkswagen Group’s seven-speed dual-clutch, and will easily fit into VAG’s
MQB platform, so we should expect it to filter into the rest of the Group’s vehicles, much like the seven-speed ‘box has.

The ten-speed is likely to see applications beyond even the small cars of the MQB platform. The gearbox can handle 405 pound-feet of torque, according to AE, making its application in larger offerings such as the gas-powered MLB cars and
crossovers a likelihood.

Beyond the new gearbox, Volkswagen is also toying with mild-hybrid tech for the standard Golf and better
batteries for the
e-Golf. As we said, expect the new Golf to arrive in European markets in 2017, with the current Euro-market Golf getting updated next year. As for the US, we wouldn’t be surprised if
VW followed the trail blazed by the Mark 7, with a North American arrival for the eight-gem Golf slated for a year or so after sales in Europe begin.

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