Of course we’d like to Kickstart a hoverbike [w/video]

It may not be a
flying car, and it may not even be a
Hoverboard. But we don’t care. A hoverbike is still incredibly awesome, and there’s now a chance to bring just such a device to the real world
thanks to Kickstarter.

Designed by an Kiwi bloke in
London named Chris Malloy and
seen on these very pages three years ago in prototype form, the would-be hoverbike is a sort of combination between a
motorcycle and a helicopter, relying on spinning rotors front and rear to
generate lift. Past versions of the machine used two rotors, powered by a a 1,170cc boxer engine from
BMW, but what you’re helping build is rather different entirely.

Since we last featured that Hoverbike prototype, Malloy has further refined the design, changing from two rotors to four, but it’s still far from being ready for production. That’s the bad news. The good news is that small-scale testing has proven this new design, and third-scale models, powered by electric motors and controlled remotely, are now ready for those with a bit of expendable income to get their grubby mitts on.

As much as we’d love to see a Kickstarter campaign for the fullsize Hoverbike, we think these radio-controlled, unmanned drones are pretty darn cool in their own right, and Malloy says this project will help fund the real thing in true human-scale.
Check out the Kickstarter campaign here, and
scroll down below for some video.

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