Ohio dealer selling 727-hp Ford Mustangs for $39,997

A Ford dealership in Lebanon, Ohio may just be offering the deal of the century.

Lebanon Ford is currently offering new Mustang GTs equipped with a 727-horsepower Roush Phase 2 supercharger upgrade all for just $39,997.

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Lebanon Ford is one of the top dealers for Roush products, and its Roush parts manager Charlie Watson confirmed to The Drive that the deal is genuine. He said the dealership was focused on “establishing a nationwide base of enthusiasts rather than making huge profits on each car.»

Lebanon Ford's ad for its $39,997 727-horsepower Ford Mustang GT

Lebanon Ford’s ad for its $39,997 727-horsepower Ford Mustang GT

There’s still a profit to me made on each sale, however. The Mustang GT costs $32,395 and the Roush Phase 2 supercharger upgrade costs $7,549.99, and then there’s a labor cost for the installation of the upgrade. By cutting margins on all three elements, Lebanon Ford is able to offer the car at the stated price.

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The boon for the dealership is that most customers don’t stop at the supercharger upgrade. There’s a long list of additional upgrades customers have been opting for including enhancements for the body as well as wheel, suspension and brake upgrades. Watson said most of the cars bought have been priced between $45k and $50k.

And yes, Lebanon Ford can deliver its cars nationwide.

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