Omaze is raffling off the fastest Land Rover ever built

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There are a few vehicles that can ford a river up to 33 inches deep and a few vehicles that can hit speeds of 176 miles per hour. The Range Rover SVR can do both, though we don’t recommend attempting both at the same time. Also, a Range Rover Sport SVR can be had for much less than the $125k MSRP, just head on over to Omaze where they’re raffling one off. 

Here’s what we said about the Range Rover Sport SVR when we last tested it:

«The SVR is convincingly the most track-ready Range Rover that I’ve ever encountered, but it doesn’t veer from the formula above. A heavy body and high center of gravity are evident at speed, though in my few laps I found all tamed well enough that I could turn some quick corners. That fast, efficient steering I’d enjoyed on the road held up at track speeds, even surprising me with willingness to make mid-turn corrections. I also got a few giggles after finding I could tighten my entry with some lift-off oversteer. If I have to compare the odd experiences, I’d say that BMW’s X6 M is more technically proficient (with pin-sharp engine response) than the SVR, but the Range Rover felt less high-strung and edgy on a circuit. 

Mostly I wanted to use the AWD to throw down all that beautifully soundtracked power coming out of the corners. The track setting offers a richer version of something that every SVR owner should delve into when they have a clear road and an itchy trigger foot.»

Win a 2020 Range Rover Sport SVR with $20,000 in the trunk – Enter at Omaze

Omaze is raffling off the fastest Land Rover ever built

And the best part is that the proceeds from this raffle go to Feeding America. 

«With school closures, job disruptions and health risks, millions of Americans will turn to food banks for much-needed support. During the coronavirus—as with other emergencies—Feeding America’s network of 200 food banks will continue to distribute food to the people and communities they serve, wherever they are. They’re also building an inventory of emergency food boxes for food banks across the country, providing emergency grants to food banks, and safely continuing to provide food and household items like cleaning supplies, diapers and personal care products. And as schools close, they’re also partnering with school districts and local government agencies to ensure that the 22 million children who rely on school for food still have access to food.»

If you want this Range Rover SVR and $20K in cold hard cash, enter quickly,  as the deadline to enter is July 21, 2020, at 11:59pm PDT.

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