Per Valentino Balboni, the Miura is the greatest Lamborghini

There’s a rare gem heading to auction soon. It’s a 1969 Lamborghini Miura, and it’s set to be a featured part of the Keno Brothers auction in New York City.

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Ahead of its date with potential new suitors, Road & Track got a peek at the car and they did so with a key member of the Lamborghini marque: official tester Valentino Balboni, the same guy who recently had a special edition Gallardo named after him.

The Miura is an exclusive machine, one of which was produced in numbers totaling just 750. By contrast, Lamborghini produced over 14,000 examples of the Gallardo. Does this rarity make it so much more appealing than the modern bulls? Yes, and no. It’s nice to see something that is rarely seen, but that something in question also happens to be wonderfully gorgeous.

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R&T presses Balboni on the question of just which Lamborghini remains his favorite. Over the years, he has always stated that they’re all his favorites. That’s a delightfully correct PR-grade answer. However, this time around Balboni finally concedes that the Miura is his favorite.

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