Place Your Bets: Dodge Challenger SRT8 takes on… an MD500 helicopter?

Here at Autoblog, obsessively covering the automotive industry sometimes takes us places we’d never have expected. Today is one of those days.

In the video pasted
below, you’ll see a very nice
Dodge Challenger SRT8 – modified in some way if the quoted 490 horsepower figure is accurate – lining itself up on a long, straight stretch of tarmac. Pulling up alongside… or rather, setting itself down, is a McDonnel Douglass MD500
helicopter. Yep, we said helicopter.

So, is this a fair race? We have no idea. For starters, there’s no indication as to how long this runway may be, and we don’t know the various skills of the pilot or driver. Do we care? No, not really. The race results in a fun video, which you can watch
below, and we suggest you keep your eyes peeled all the way through for a little surprise.

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