Porsche planning back-to-basics 911 GT

With the latest
911 GT3 and
GT3 RS track toys,
Porsche clearly put the emphasis on outright performance. After all, if they were all about a puristic driving experience, they’d probably have manual transmissions instead of DCTs, right? Well that’s just one point where the Porsche GT division’s next project is tipped to depart.

According to Autocar, Zuffenhausen’s skunkworks are preparing a new addition to the 911 range that will put all the emphasis on the raw driving experience, even at the expense of lap times. The yet-to-be-named model is expected to do away with the second clutch in favor of one you can operate yourself, but that’s not all.

We’re told to expect skinnier tires to make it easier to hold at the limits of adhesion, the narrowed track from the base Carrera, and the absence of large wings and other aerodynamic features. The inspiration apparently comes less from the GT3 than from the new
Cayman GT4.

Look for the new back-to-basics Elfen to arrive sometime next year, after the rest of the 911 range gets updated with turbo engines. Chances look good, though, that this particular model will stick with the atmospheric boxer six.

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