Porsche Taycan EV spied winter testing with up-close photos

We all want more details on the electric
Porsche Taycan, and this new batch of
spy photos taken in the Arctic Circle is one way to attain some additional information on the first pure electric from the German
sports car company. Our spy photographers were able to get impressively close to the
Taycan and capture detail shots of parts we were only able to guess at before.

The massive rotors and huge yellow calipers are a reassuring sign as to this car’s track-worthiness.
Porsche has repeatedly said it will be capable of sustained lapping, and those
brakes certainly look up to the task. Then there are the wheels. The design looks similar to some options currently up for grabs on various trims of the
Panamera. Close-up shots of the charging port and door handles that pop out are neat. The mechanism looks similar to the pop-out door handles on the new
992 911.

Physical design elements of the car are just as covered up as they have been, unfortunately. Looking through the
Taycan’s front grille/fascia, we can see what appear to be a couple small radiators tucked away. Radar and camera modules sit low to the ground in the lower surround, as well. The headlights are still covered up by stickers, but we can see Porsche’s quad-LED design lit up through them.

Nothing looks to have changed on the Taycan out back. Porsche is
still using those ridiculous fake exhaust outlets that don’t trick anybody. One of them looks like it has some sort of
tow hook attached to it on this prototype. Cladding, vinyl and other black camouflage do a decent job of making sure we don’t actually get to see design details with these up-close photos. The full-width taillight is definitely still alive and kicking on this car, though. Shots with the trunk open reveal what appears to be a fairly capacious space. It’s difficult to know for sure with the giant
car cover stuffed inside. Being this close, it would’ve been great to see interior photos, but we weren’t that lucky.

Pricing information got out for the Taycan a couple of months ago — the base car is going to start at about $90,000, with the «Turbo» going for over $130,000. Porsche still claims the Taycan will feature 800-volt
charging. This means you’ll be able to recharge the
battery to 80 percent in as little as 20 minutes. The latest Taycan news from Porsche also claims it’s
doubling production plans due to demand for the
electric car.

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