Recharge Wrap-up: Smart Ready for Rent, MOIA comes to US in 2018

Daimler is launching its «Smart Ready to Rent» service in Europe. Beginning this month in German and French cities, the rental scheme bridges the gap between short-term Car2go rentals and longer
leases. Customers book the Smart model of their choice – including the emissions-free Electric Drive and the hotter Brabus versions – for a period of one day up to three months. As such, Smart Ready to Rent is useful to those who live outside of an urban center. Users can book a car
online or through a
dealer, and vehicles are collected and returned at the
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Volkswagen will launch its MOIA mobility arm in the US in 2018. The
recently announced brand will take on public transportation as a competitor with services such as ride hailing and
car sharing.
VW is looking into forging partnerships with the likes of technology and ride sharing companies. The automaker also expects to show an electric shuttle-type concept in 2017 for pooling services, but will use the three-row
VW Atlas
crossover in the meantime until that concept reaches production. Look to see MOIA emerging in major cities along the US coasts.
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A new report from
Lux Research suggests that most EV batteries are better off being recycled than reused. Once lithium-ion
batteries have outlived their usefulness for automotive duty, some automakers (
Nissan, and
Toyota included) are looking at ways to use their remaining capacity, such as for stationary energy storage. The new report, though, says that reusing batteries offers «questionable returns on account of reduced performance.» Better to be like
Tesla, and just recycle them.
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