Republican candidate Joe Coors loves his Chevy Volt, films campaign ad inside

Usually, when the words Republican and
Chevrolet Volt go together, it has something to do with hating on
General Motor’s most controversial car. Like
this or
this or

But take a look at Colorado Republican congressional candidate Joe Coors’ campaign commercial, which was actually filmed inside his
Chevrolet Volt and is full of praise for the car. «I bet you don’t know many Republicans who drive
hybrid cars,» he says in the ad. The Volt’s a
plug-in hybrid, but we get the idea. Coors also says he’s always been a «car nut,» and 30 years ago tried to build an
electric car in his garage. He’s into alternative energy, domestic oil and
natural gas production and lowering energy costs while reducing dependence on foreign oil. Click
below to watch the video.

Denver Post columnist Lynn Bartels says
she’s been asked several times since the ad came out what Coors actually drives. Yes, he drives a 2012 Volt, she says, even though he could be driving a
luxury car worth much more, what with his $2 million a year from family trusts and all.

Coors is going after the seventh district Congressional seat held by Democratic Congressman Ed Perlmutter. Local residents think Coors bought the car to look good on energy issues, but he does seem to love the car. According to Bartels, the Democratic tracker who has been following Coors around has plenty of video of Coors getting in and out of the Volt. So, if he’s putting on a show, then he’s doing it the method acting way.

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