Scaled-Down Porsche Engine Scales Up The Awesome: Video

It took years to build, but something like this is undoubtedly a labor of love. A Dutch Porsche enthusiast who also happens to be a crafter of precision instruments decided to bring his two passions together. The result is a wonderful looking 1:3 scale Porsche flat-six engine. Did we say looking because we also meant sounding. This engine fires up and runs.

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It’s a mighty mite of a machine that revs to 12,000 rpm. Apparently it puts out eight horsepower, and it makes a wonderfully hellacious tone while doing so, as this video from YouTube user Marcel van Vliet confirms. As Sweden’s Auto Motor and Sport reports, there are six carburetors and a mechanical fuel pump to feed the action. We don’t want to think about the time and precise tuning required to get all six of those carbs in tune. We have enough trouble getting two full-size units to run in sync.

Using factory drawings, the builder created the necessary parts by hand. We’re sure that was the bulk of the time required of the builder here, as the actual construction phase must’ve been a breeze from there on out. Well, not a breeze by any means really, as this scaled-down build is extremely impressive in all of its aspects.

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Now, if we can just get this engine into a riding mower perhaps? Hell, Porsche used to make tractors. Perhaps one of those old diesel chuggers could be swapped out to create the most amazing resto-modded tractor of all time.


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