Segway has created the rideable robot butler of your dreams

Created by Segway Robotics, Loomo is an AI powered self-balancing Segway that can auto-follow, avoid obstacles, and has a playful personality. The customizable AI butler will cost $1,799. Learn more at


A rideable
robot butler, Loomo, is an AI powered self-balancing Segway from Segway Robotics. The company wants you to think of Loomo as a mini transporter combined with a robot sidekick. Loomo responds to voice commands. It also has auto-follow, obstacle-avoidance, and a playful personality. Loomo scans its surroundings in 3D and converts the data into 2D to navigate. Loomo can also take photos and record stabilized HD video with its internal 64GB hard drive and of course, you can ride Loomo to get from A to B. It has a range of 22 miles on a single charge with a
battery capacity of 329Wh. It tops out at 11 mph in vehicle mode and 4.3 mph in robot mode. Loomo runs on Android SDK which lets you add additional applications to the software. The Loomo app allows POV controls and features over-the-air updates. Loomo is not cheap though, it costs $1,799.

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