Some Important Jeep Top Accessories You Didn’t Know About

Contrary to popular opinion, jeep tops are in no way stretch- and -fit accessories. A good number of jeep owners have been lead to believe that once you buy a jeep top, you simply need to establish its measurements vis a vis those of the jeep and then have it in place. However, the correct position is that there are quite a good number of accessories that tag a long when you buy the jeep top, these are meant to accentuate the top and enhance the aesthetic appeal of the jeep; here are a few that you need to know about.

i. Replacement skins

The replacement skin is the basic makeup of the top. These come in varied standards depending on the preference of the jeep owner, for example a supertop from Bestop is manufactured from a premium fabric in order to maintain the shape of the top in any kind of weather. This essentially makes your jeep an all-weather car. It is also chemically treated with a fine coating of powder applied to it in order to prevent rusting. This is especially vital during storage. It is not possible that you will be dismounting the top all the time before storing the jeep. Whichever way you store the jeep you can rest assured that the top is safe from rust.

Other important features of this top include extra durability, thanks to the industrial strength of the threads from which the top is made. It is also worth noting that the top is not entirely covered; there is a heat sealed window with a slight tint at the back and sides of the top.

ii. Jeep headliner

This is located at the very top of the jeep top. It is an accessory designed to shield the driver from excessive heat when driving in the sun. A bestop jeep headliner is made from vinyl, a material which makes it possible for the top to create a heat barrier during summer and keep off the cold during winter. The top also helps reduce the level of noise in the jeep especially if it is frequently driven. The best part is that no drilling is necessary during installation and the color of the headliner often compliments that of the top.

iii. The snap repair kit

This is a collection of studs, buttons, eyelets, screws and a snap punch that are meant to secure your top to the jeep. This kit is portable and does not occupy a lot of space in your jeep; it is simply a handy tool that will make your life a lot easier on the road if something happens to your jeep top. These and many other bestop accessories readily available on order

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