Spyker to reveal new C8 Preliator in Geneva

Ever since Spyker emerged from bankruptcy, we’ve been
waiting to find out what it would cook up next. And here we have our first clue: it’s called the Spyker C8 Preliator, and it’s set to debut at the Geneva Motor Show early next month. There’s a teaser image, naturally, and it doesn’t give much away. We went ahead and lightened it up the best we could (see the image gallery), and it appears that the lines of the car’s fascia and its headlights are quite a bit different from past C8 models. Even if we can’t see much, the name gives us some idea of what to expect, at least.

Though it has showcased a number of concepts and prototypes over the years – including the D12
crossover, C12 Zagato, and the smaller B6 Venator – Spyker has only ever actually offered one model for sale, and that’s the C8. Various versions of the C8 have surfaced over the past sixteen years since its debut, with the most recent being the C8 Aileron. But having debuted back in 2008, even that version is growing quite long in the proverbial tooth. This new model, then, looks poised to bring it up to speed.

Just what that will entail, we can’t be sure at this point. The name Preliator means «warrior» in Latin – the same language as its motto. That doesn’t tell us much about the vehicle’s substance, but given that the company was
rescued by an electric aircraft company, we wouldn’t be surprised to see it to pack some manner of electrified powertrain. Whether it will be enough to propel Spyker out of its post-Saab stupor and into solvency remains to be seen, but we’re looking forward to seeing the new model at the Swiss expo in a few weeks.

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