Studebaker Motor Company resuscitated, looking for investors

The annals of
automotive history are filled with nameplates that weren’t quite able to survive the boom and bust nature of the business, especially here in the United States. One of the most successful orphaned automakers was
remembered fondly for such design gems as the bullet-nosed post-World War II Starlight and trend-setting fiberglass-bodied

Studebaker officially ceased producing automobiles in 1966, though a small portion of its legacy lives today in the form of the ex-Kaiser
AM General. But if a Colorado-based business has its way, the Studebaker name will once again appear on vehicles sold in America. Somehow, we’re far from convinced any of its conceptual designs will ever see the light of day.

Looking over the proposed revival, we see a range of so-called Studebaker cars,
motorcycles and scooters. Half the motorcycles are actually Hyosung models from Korea with Studebaker scripting on the fuel tanks, and the other half are nothing but poor renderings. As for the cars, well… there isn’t a single shred of Studebaker DNA in any of them. In any case, the company is reportedly looking for «qualified investor/partners». We wish them the best of luck… they’re gonna need it.

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