Subaru WRX STI S209 financing rates announced

Subaru’s American division has come a long way since it peddled the tiny 360 during the late 1960s. The limited-edition, $65,000 WRX STI S209 unveiled during the 2019 Detroit Auto Show is its most expensive car yet, so the company is taking steps to make it a little bit more accessible.

The Japanese firm sent its American dealers a bulletin announcing the S209 is eligible for 3.49% APR for up to 63 months, according to CarsDirect. The publication noted that rate amounts to monthly payments of $1,131 over 63 months, which adds up to $71,231. Buyers are still forking over more than $6,000 to the bank, but they’re saving about $4,700 compared to a 6% loan.

That’s a substantial amount of money to drop on a WRX STI; it’s priced in Audi TT RS territory. For the money, enthusiasts get one of the rarest street-legal cars Subaru has ever produced. After driving it, we called it the fastest, sharpest-handling, and most sophisticated WRX ever to grace our shores. It’s powered by a 2.5-liter flat-four engine turbocharged to 341 horsepower and 330 pound-feet of torque, generous increases of 31 and 40, respectively, over the regular WRX STI.

We’ll let you decide whether exclusivity and power are worth a roughly $22,000 premium. If you want an S209 in your driveway, act fast because production is strictly limited to 209 examples, and odds are the entire batch will be spoken for sooner rather than later. Keep in mind dealers will be tempted to slap a markup on the car due to its rarity, so you might need to spend more — in some cases, a lot more — than the number listed on the window sticker.

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