Ten Beautiful Places in Portugal That You Must Visit

Like any country in Europe, Portugal has its own rich culture and heritage as well as beautiful tourist spots to boast of. It is famous for its beautiful cities as well as scenic countryside. So, if you are inclined to travel to Portugal, here are the ten wonderful and beautiful places that you should never miss.

1.) The Gulbenkian Museum

If you love history and culture, then this museum located in Lisbon is for you. There are a lot of ancient Egyptian artifacts here as well as paintings done by famous artist. The museum’s garden alone is enough to captivate the tourists’ awe.

2.) St. Jorge’s Castle

This castle is also situated in Lisbon. Once you get to the hill where the castle stands, be prepared for the view of the city and the river below you. You can also visit Alfama along the way.

3.) Praca de Comercio

This is a beautiful plaza that can also be found in Lisbon and is a must-see in this city. This faces the river, giving a wonderful view of that body of water. What is also nice about this place is that it is a part of the downtown of Lisbon, so it is a good place for you to stroll along.

4.) Belem

This is a wonderful neighborhood to visit if you love to see historical monuments as well as buildings. Here, you can see the Belem Tower as well as the Belem Culutral Center. You can also visit here the Royal Place of Belem, which is now the Presidential Palace of Lisbon.

5.) Chiado

This wonderful historical street in Lisbon offers any visitor a great experience when it comes to shopping as well as dining and partying. Here, you can also see and take pictures with Fernando Pessoa’s statue. He was a famous Modernist poet of Portugal.

6.) Ponte 25 de Abril

If you think the Golden Gate of San Francisco is magnificent, wait until you see this bridge. The man who designed this bridge was the same man who designed the Golden Gate. This bridge connects Lisbon to the Setubal Peninsula.

7.) Protugal’s Cristo Rei

If Rio de Janeiro has the Christ the Redeemer statue, then Portugal has Cristo Rei. This statue has a height of over 100 meters and is overlooking the Tejo River. Once you reach this statue, be overwhelmed by the magnificent view of the city and the river below.

8.) Aveiro City

This is the so-called Venice of Portugal because it also boasts of its own canals and bridges wherein you can take a leisurely ride on their moliceiros, which are comparable to the Venice’s gondolas. You will get to see so many beautiful historical buildings in this city like the Aveiro Cathedral, Camara Municipal, Carmelite Church, etc, or you can visit its parks like the Santo Antonio Park as well as the Dom Pedro Children’s Park. Aveiro City still has lots more to offer any visitor like surfing as well as wind surfing in its Costa Nova Beach and the river, or you can always go shopping at Forum Aveiro or the Rua dos Combatientes de Guerra as well as shop at Avenida Dr. Lourenco Peixinho.

9.) Coimbra City

This is another famous tourist spot where you will get to see the great University of Coimbra. Here, you can take leisurely walks in the university’s botanical garden. There are also lots to see here like the Roman ruins of Conimbriga as well as the city’s cathedrals.

10.) Evora

In Evora, you should visit the Templo de Diana, an ancient Roman ruins. Here, you will also get to see the Evora University, which was once an ancient convent converted into the university. You can also have a pleasant walk in Evora’s park, Jardim Publico.

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