The 2017 Pacifica Hybrid is finally heading to dealers after delays

Did you order a Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid some time ago? Chances are you might be getting it soon-ish. Production of the hybrid Pacificas started way back in December, but for an undisclosed reason FCA chose not to ship the finished cars to dealers. It hints of a hitch somewhere in the production, but perhaps it’s best for the manufacturer to get the cars right the first time rather than face customer wrath.

Detroit Free Press says the minivans started shipping to dealers on Monday, after months of delays, and that there have been 700 orders for the Pacifica Hybrid by April 7th. As a FCA representative said to DFP: «As with all launches, but particularly in the case of this technically advanced vehicle, we are taking great care to ensure that the Pacifica Hybrid comes off the line with the highest quality possible. We will only introduce a vehicle when we are fully satisfied the vehicle meets or exceeds customer expectations.» FCA hasn’t disclosed how many of the delayed hybrids have been shipped.

Any customer who has ordered a Pacifica Hybrid before March 30 th is eligible for either a Visa gift card worth $500 or a 240-volt Level 2 charger, which should charge the van’s li-ion batteries in two hours. The Pacifica Hybrid is the first plug-in hybrid vehicle in its class, and it reportedly has a range of 566 miles, returning 84 mpg.

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