The Collector Shares His Shrine To BMW’s Best: Video

Started from the bottom, now he’s here…

We’ll admit the name The Collector is a bit lame unless you’re talking about Taneleer Tivan and The Guardians of the Galaxy. Still, the producers of this wonderful video probably applied it to him since he doesn’t really want you to know exactly who he is. What he does want to talk about, however, is his amazing collection of all things BMW. 

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Hidden in a Southern California warehouse lies a sort of BMW holy grail. It’s a collection filled with this man’s favorite machines from his favorite brand, including one ultra rare example that even BMW would love to get its hands on. Only two examples of the BMW 700 RS were ever created. BMW already owns one of them and the automaker probably enjoy having the second… but it’s here in this man’s warehouse garage. It’s not alone either. BMWs greatest hits adorn every inch of space here, along with a slew of getting-harder-to-source parts.

Now you might be thinking that any rich man or woman could pull off such a collection if they so desired. This man worked his way up from nothing to get where he is, and that makes this all the more special. From homeless at 17 years of age to enjoying the fruits of one’s labor today. This is a BMW Story we can absolutely get behind and enjoy.

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