The outgoing 2018 Jeep Wrangler is ending production to build the Wrangler truck.

After more than a decade in production, the outgoing JK generation
Jeep Wrangler is set to end production on April 7.
According to Automotive News, parts supplier
Hyundai Mobis North America notified the State of Ohio that production was ending. The Toledo, Ohio, plant where the
Jeep is built is already deep into production of the replacement JL
generation Wrangler. The big news isn’t that JK production is ending but that the plant is retooling in order to get
Wrangler pickup production underway.

Details on the Wrangler pickup are scarce. Jeep hasn’t said anything, so most of what we know
comes from various spy shots. Basically, expect a JL
Wrangler Unlimited with a bed. That’s a good thing. We were
quite smitten with the Wrangler when we drove it late last year. It’s better equipped and more refined than ever. The Toledo plant has a capacity of about 300,000 units a year.
Sergio Marchionne expects about 100,000 Wrangler pickups to be sold each year.

When the Wrangler pickup arrives, look for a naturally aspirated V6 under the hood. The turbo inline-four is likely, though smaller volumes could limit the
truck’s engine choices. The upcoming turbo
diesel is a possibility, too. Other details include
suspension that takes a cue from Ram. Look for a full reveal in the next few months.

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