The Toyota C-HR is the ultimate Street Fighter cheat code in this Japanese ad

Japan is the home of awesome video games, Gozilla, and a global automotive hub. And this
Toyota commercial for Japan,
first spotted by Kotaku, brings two of those three things together. The ad drops the new
Toyota C-HR
crossover into Capcom’s famed fighting game,
Street Fighter II. The main protagonist Ryu, hops into a silver
C-HR and travels around the world, visiting different fighting stages and meeting other characters from the game, all while Queen’s «Keep Yourself Alive» plays in the background.

The commercial culminates with a fight against the game’s final boss, M. Bison. Here, Ryu fights Bison from within the car, blocking punches with the hood, and firing a massive laser from the headlights. The C-HR apparently can get quite a bit of air when it wants, as well. It then ends with Ryu giving the car a final polish with his «shoryuken» upper-cut.

This is the kind of ad Toyota could just run in the US, unaltered. It did leave us wondering, though, how would a C-HR stand up against the funky crossover competition in a street fight? If power is any measure, the 144-horsepower Toyota would be at a disadvantage against the
201-horsepower Soul Turbo and
215-horsepower Juke Nismo RS. But that doesn’t account for lasers.

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