This 1969 Chevy Corvette Lego Kit Could Be Yours, With Your Help

Have you ever wanted to build a custom Corvette out of Legos? If so, and your dream Corvette is a 1969 C3, then this kit could be your answer—if you show support for it and get it turned into a production kit.

While the C3 Corvette wouldn’t be our first choice (how about a C2 Sting Ray convertible?), this kit is a gorgeous example of the car, as rendered through the blocky bits of plastic.

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Created as part of Lego’s Ideas project, the kit needs 10,000 supporters to reach the official review board, which will then decide whether the kit is worthy of production—or feasible—and then, if it gets the green light, it could be sold as an official production Lego kit to the public.

This kit has 347 days left to gain its 10,000 supporters, and already has 2,690 supporters signed up.

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If you’re a Lego-building car enthusiast, go show your love for the project, and help bring a fellow enthusiast’s dream to life–and then build it yourself.

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