Toyota F1 team selling genuine parts from its Grand Prix cars online

Johnny Cash fans will appreciate this one: Toyota is offering up for sale online a range of parts from its Formula 1 GP cars – almost enough to build one up, one piece at a time. Pricing is surprisingly reasonable, with parts starting as low as £200 ($320).

That £200 will only get you a brake disc or basic suspension piece, however. Stepping up to front and rear wing assemblies, the price rises to a still-reasonable £2,000 ($3,200) while a complete rear wing, engine cover and underbody section goes for £4,400 ($7,026). Some of the pieces available can be found in the gallery below.

There’s no word on this being a pre-liquidation sale as rumors of Toyota’s exit from F1 have been flying about the paddock, despite official denials, but it’s certainly out of the ordinary, whatever the reason behind it.

The parts are only available while existing stocks last, however, and at these prices the rabid fans F1 breeds are sure to snatch them up quickly, so head over to the Toyota F1 shop if you’ve got an itch for a carbon fiber fix.

Toyota F1 parts sale

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