Toyota Tacomas road trip to Banff: a travel vlog

Our past two videos about our epic road trip from Seattle to Banff, on-road and off-, have focused on the two trucks (a 1998 Toyota Tacoma and a 2017 Tacoma TRD Pro) and the gear we took along. But in this travel vlog, we’re focusing on the journey itself. And like all great adventures, there were some real ups and downs along the way.

To begin with, an unexpected repair cut into our very tight schedule even before we hit the road. A frantic fix elevated our stress level a lot, but made for some fun video. Once on the road, up in the mountains, the stress melted away. Early summer in the Pacific Northwest is magical; the air was crisp up in the hills, the weather was good, and we had nothing to do but drive from one gorgeous vista to another.

And then we got lost. A massive highway washout prevented us from getting from one trail segment to the next, and our detour went sideways quickly as the road became totally overgrown. And then it was gone, completely, washed out by a winter flood or snowmelt.

All the challenges made reaching Banff all the more thrilling. Banff is breathtaking. The sort of natural beauty that takes your breath away. Getting there was just difficult enough that we savored every minute of it.

Come along with us for a ride through some of the most impressive evergreen forests and mountain passes in the world.

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