Vanderhall Navarro electric off-roader coming for 2022

Vanderhall, a company most widely known for its Venice three-wheeler, is cooking up its first vehicle with four wheels.

It’s an off-roader that Vanderhall describes as a UTV, an acronym for “utility task vehicle.” The vehicles are also referred to as “side by sides.” You can just think of them as golf carts with serious off-road capability.

Vanderhall’s UTV is called the Navarro, and it’s due on sale for the 2022 model year. It’s also billed as a powersports vehicle, meaning it likely won’t be legal on the street.

We also know it will have battery-electric power, making it a direct competitor to the NZT that EV startup Nikola is planning. Vanderhall has already dabbled with electric power with its Edison 2 three-wheeler.

That’s all Provo, Utah-based Vanderhall is willing to say right now but a teaser shot on the company’s website points to a vehicle with rugged off-road tires, McLaren Senna-style see-through doors, and a short bed. A teaser video also shows a few additional details like the headlights and roof-mounted light bar.

Vanderhall will release more details on October 19. Full details won’t be released until early 2021, though. The company anticipates the pre-order process starting next summer and the first deliveries following shortly after. Stay tuned.

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