Video proof the Porsche 912 deserves a second look

Porsche 912 suffered from a bad reputation for years as a lesser
Porsche among the brand’s ardent fans. Some people just didn’t see the appeal of a coupe that shared the 911’s lines but used a four-cylinder engine. The tide has started to turn recently as
ballooning air-cooled 911 prices present these cars as an interesting alternative. The latest clip from
Petrolicious also makes a great argument for the 912 by showing a Bahama Yellow example cruising along French roads.

Like many of us, Antoine Gaslais had a tight budget and searched for years for his dream car. Things were more of a nightmare when he found his 1967 912, though. The coupe initially didn’t run and then broke down once he thought it was fixed. A buddy eventually helped him get the Porsche back on the road. Gaslais knows his 912 isn’t concours perfect, but that’s not the point for him. Gaslais just likes to be able to cruise. Take a ride with him through some French hamlets in the latest from

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