Videos of the 2019 Ford Ranger Raptor in Australia

SYDNEY, Australia – One of our gripes here at Autoblog is the fact that not every car is offered globally, because as Americans, we want everything and we want it now. In that spirit, after finding out that Ford wasn’t bringing the Ranger Raptor stateside, Senior Producer Christopher McGraw and Associate Producer Alex Malburg flew down to Australia to get behind the wheel of the truck, shoot some videos and hang out with some kangaroos at the Opera House.

In these videos you’ll see us try out the F-150 Raptor’s little brother in a variety of environments, on- and off-road, and from the mountains of Thredbo to the beaches of New South Wales. We’ll drive through the skinny-laned streets of Sydney and even climb the mountain that used to be home to Australia’s highest road.

Check out the travelogue video above to see what’s coming, and keep checking this page as we add stories and videos from our Australian Autoblog adventure.

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