Viral video shows him dancing on roof

As long as social media platforms are thriving, young people will be motivated to perform reckless stunts on public roads. Most recently, another case from the city of Bhopal has surfaced online, where a young man was seen standing on the roof of a car and smoking a cigarette. The young man was noted doing this stunt with background music, boasting about a breakup, and the entire video of this incident has now gone viral. It has also been reported that the young man, along with his friends and vehicles, has been arrested by the authorities.

This obnoxious stunt video has been shared on X (formerly Twitter) by journalist Rajni Thakur. It can be noted from the viral video that the young man is standing on top of a white Honda City sedan. He was seen wearing white sunglasses at night and was holding a cigarette in his hand. He was also seen dancing on top of the car as the car was moving on a flyover. Apart from these things, a few other dangerous things were noted from this video.

During the video, another person from the rear window of the same white Honda City sedan came out. Other young men inside the car were also seen dancing to the tune and holding cigarettes. Lastly, it was also observed that the other car from which this video was being made had its passenger side door wide open despite the vehicle moving right alongside the main car on which this degenerate act was taking place. The journalist who shared the video tagged Bhopal traffic police, CM Shivraj Singh Chauhan, and CM office in the tweet.

Later, it was reported by DCP Traffic, Bhopal, on their X account that they have taken action against these individuals. The tweet shared a picture of the police authorities with the White Honda City sedan and Grey Maruti Suzuki Baleno hatchback of these young men. A picture of the four main accused sitting on the police station’s bench was also shared, showcasing the swift action taken by the police department. The names and ages of the main accused individuals were also shared by the police authorities.

Why do people perform such stunts?

As mentioned a million times before, this is not the first incident like it that has taken place. Rather, incidents similar to these have become a common occurrence across the entire country. These young individuals, in pursuit of getting a few more likes, shares, comments, and followers, share videos of themselves performing such stunts on public roads. These people completely disregard all the rules and regulations and do not care about the risks they pose to their lives as well as other individuals on the roads.

Young boy dancing on moving Honda City sedan’s roof gets arrested: Viral video

Actions taken by authorities

Generally, what happens after these cases is that the incidents are reported to the authorities. They then find out the individuals and take actions like issuing challans and seizing the vehicles. However, the issue has now become that despite such actions, other young men still perform such stupid stunts endangering the lives of many people. A lot of netizens have stated that stricter laws need to be put in place so that young people become less motivated to perform stunts on public roads.

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