Vividly verdant vehicle to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

You see a lot of «green» cars on the road, but you don’t see a lot of green cars – green as in color. But on this St. Patrick’s Day we get word that Ford has dipped its greenest vehicle, the Focus Electric, in the greenest of green paint.

Ford says the new color, «Outrageous Green Metallic,» was inspired by «Greenery,» which Pantone, the company known for colors, has proclaimed as its Color of the Year for 2017. Various designers in fashion, architecture, etc., take note of Pantone’s annual choices. This year, Ford did too.

«Outrageous Green Metallic» will be available on the 2018 Focus EV. (Oh, and «Greenery» is Pantone swatch No. 15-0343, in case you want to paint your garage to match your Focus Electric.)

«Outrageous Green Metallic is a unique shade, symbolizing modern renewal and a reconnection with nature,» says Barb Whalen, Ford’s color and materials design manager. The color is finished with a special tinted clear coat, she says, «to give the color depth and vibrancy.»

The announcement points out that Ford as «a legacy of ‘going green,» with Highland Green, Squeeze Green, Ultimate Green, and Gotta Have It Green. It didn’t mention some others in Ford’s past, such as Grabber Green, Sherwood Green – and our favorite name from the groovy 1970s, Anti-Establish Mint. Check the slideshow above for a couple of memorable examples.

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